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It is annoying having to wait for a price, but understand that every job is different and has its own individual complications to consider. Therefore we have to survey, evaluate and price each and every job individually. Our prices are worked out the same way each and every time, according to area and choice of block or slab.

Block Paving

block paving

Standard block, with a block edge.

block edge paving

standard block with a block edge, one hidden manhole cover and thin kerb.

Tegula block, with a block edge, and circle step at front door. 2 hidden manholes and a 6m drainage gully.


Standard herringbone block, with block kerb, steps to front and rear, 3 manhole covers extending around rear of house.


patios and driveways

Buxton stone concrete flag with kerb.

Indian stone

Indian stone patio to rear of house, with matching step, flush finish to garden.

indian sandstone

Indian sand stone with block border, and circle pattern to step.

Raised Slate patio

Raised Slate patio, with sleeper retaining wall and flower beds.

Thinking about laying your own driveway but need an operated digger? Try: